Resaplast per l’ambiente

Resaplast for the environment, the plastic packaging company plants trees at christmas

Producing plastic and protecting the environment. A combination that Resaplast believes is possible. The company settled in  Bari, a leading player in Italy in the field of food packaging, is committed to lowering the environmental impact of its production; with low-consumption and clean energy systems, Resaplast today produces – by choice – only 100% recyclable plastic containers.

And for Christmas 2021, Resaplast has decided to do even more by joining the “Treedom – Let’s green che planet” project, an international platform that promotes the development of agroforestry systems in regions considered the green lungs of the planet.

If we plant the right tree, in the right place, with the right purpose, we can achieve extraordinary results for the environment, for our  planet and for our local communities”, this is the manifesto of the project.

The Apulian company has already planted 15 trees in Kenya, Tanzania and Colombia, which will absorbe 1,730 kg of CO2 in total. In particular, they planted Calliandra, Lemon, Cacao, Papaya, Markhamia and Coffee trees, all species that, compared to others, are able to purify the air better and faster. Their seeds are under the care of local farmers who will make them grow, harvest and supply their fruits. In this way, we can do our best for the planet, as well as helping the communities of these territories.

Each tree is geolocated and equipped with an identity card that tells and shows, through an online diary that is always updated, its growth, environmental impact and the history of those who take care of it every day.

We have chosen to help our beautiful land and support local communities. We have chosen to do something real and tangible. – Underlines Manuela Caprio, Marketing Manager of ResaplastAnd we want to give this special commitment ideally as a Christmas present to our partners, instead of a conentional sweet or gadget, We wish they will also join the  Treedom project to grow tjeir business in a healthy, responsible and sustainable way “.

In our food packaging company, a Smart Factory 4.0, we choose nature and eco-sustainability towards a better future. An ideal better future that can become real only thanks to everyone’s commitment.