Half a century of experience in the manufacture of plastic containers


Plastic is considered a modern material. Its history has its roots since ancient times when man started using natural polymers.

It was created to last over time. And today it is one of the first materials to be recycled.

Elastic, multifunctional, but at the same time ecological and excellent for the environment.


A modern structure, perfectly organized with precise standards, with high production capacity, spread over a covered area of 3600 square meters and with a network of partnerships that guarantees efficiency and elasticity.

Half a century of experience and expertise that has allowed us to develop a punctual business management and a great attention to technological innovations.

Why Resaplast?

We produce high quality standards and extremely attractive prices in the quality / cost mix. We are attentive to quality and respect for the land and the environment.

Always at the forefront of the innovative level of machinery and equipment, we offer a high quality product and service. We look at foreign models to bring the best of sustainable production to Italy.

resaplast produces plastic packaging for food

Quality and environment

We combine the quality and excellence of the production, the environment and the land that surrounds us with innovative management systems and advanced machinery.

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Our products

Plastic is born to be durable, flexible and reusable. That’s why our products respect these principles by adapting to your needs and your requirements.

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Years of experience in the sector


Million packs a year


Thousand kw of clean energy produced in a year

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