Our work


production of recyclable PP food packaging

We have invested and continue to do so constantly in plants, technologies and human resources because we believe it is the right way to offer customers maximum efficiency, flexibility and quality; because we believe that being competitive on the market always and especially through continuous renewal.


We must face the challenges, even those of the future, anticipating them.

The requirements related to the production of plastic containers are often common and always require expertise and experience. For this reason, we have been operating for more than half a century in the most diverse production and industrial fields, from containers for food products, textiles and manufacturing to printing of various types of plastic supports.


We have an area of 3600 sqm of which 2000 are covered, in which there are various types of machines, connected to each other thanks to a computerized system for monitoring and programming production.

Everything on the network for maximum control and maximum quality.

plastic food container supplier Italy


We are a company, but we also know how to be artisans. Because we know our job, we know the tools to guarantee the customer quality and efficiency.


With this in mind, we have expanded the range of our production capacity with the tooling sector for the construction, correction and production of molds.


A sector that particularly fascinates us because it allows us to be in direct contact with the tools of the trade, allows us to show all our expertise and experience, allows us to customize the product to offer to the customer.

in-mould labeling for PP food packaging

Processing for others

Thanks to a large production capacity, a standardized and optimized work organization, and state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to supply and guarantee processing on behalf of third parties.