Our history, our staff

A family story

Resaplast is a family story. A story that is born in the family tradition, in the tradition of the territory and for this reason to become open to the world, open to innovations.

We know how to be innovative because we are very aware of our origins, of the intuition of our founder: Marta Caprio, who has been able to transform an idea into reality, just as every day we transform raw materials into the product suited to your needs.

And we do it since 1972, when Marta entrusts its children Sandro and Renato Videoplast, (a company created to produce boxes for flowers and favors). Immediately we were able to develop other ideas: abandoned the initial branch of production, we entered for the first time in contact with plastic and cardboard, investing in equipment and opening up to other brothers and nephews.

The natural development of our projects and our company has been to look for a wider and more comfortable venue. More suitable for the production standards: in 1995 the transfer arrived at the current Conversano site.

In 2001, given the company growth, we decided to separate, with specific targeted investments, the production and distribution of the plastic sector from cardboard. Since 2002, therefore, two distinct companies have been operating in complete synergy: Resaplast for plastics, Paper converting for cardboard.

resaplast produces recyclable food packaging in Italy

The company today

eco-friendly food container manufacturing company

Resaplast has a modern structure perfectly organized according to precise standards, with high production capacities, spread over a covered area of ​​3600 square meters and a trend of the turnover in continuous growth.

The definitive production and functional identification, the considerable experience, the punctual management of the company and the maximum attention to the technological innovations of the sector allow us to produce high quality standards and extremely interesting prices in the quality / cost mix.

We are attentive to quality (quality system certification obtained in 2005 and still active) but also to its territory.

Since 2011, we have believed in sustainable energy and built a photovoltaic system with a power of 200 KWp, with a production capacity of 280,000 KW / h, greatly reducing the environmental impact of the company.

We never stop in innovation and renewal of our machinery. Ours is a European business model that allows us to bring excellence, quality and culture to Italy.

Resaplast staff

Introducing external figures to integrate skills and experience, today Resaplast has a staff mainly composed of the heirs of Marta, the true origin of a development idea.


This guarantees us solidity and unity. But also flexibility and reactivity.


To always be at the maximum disposal of our customers.

design and production with injection molding of food packaging