Quality, certifications and suitability

Production and control


The production phase is flanked by a product control phase: we perform internal tests on stability, strength, functionality and versatility.


We care about the quality of the whole production process: for this reason we carry out checks on the quality of incoming supplies and precision in delivery times, isolate the non-compliant product, we provide our specialized staff to maintain the calibration status of the instruments and of the machinery, we adopt statistical techniques related to the quality of the processes and the products, to the performances of the suppliers, to the costs and the yields of processing, we periodically verify the state of conservation of the goods.


And we do it to always be perfectly responsive.



Our products and our services are accompanied by quality certifications:

Quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001.2015 STANDARD

BRC global standard certification for packaging and packaging material direct food contact

Moca declaration of conformity





We guarantee the suitability of a package to come into contact with food through:

  1. compositional suitability
  2. suitability in terms of global migration
  3. suitability in terms of specific migration
  4. functional fitness
  5. verify the purity requirements of components other than plastics
  6. microbiological analysis