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Knowing your needs in detail is essential for us to offer you maximum quality.


That’s why in our product page you can easily and simply click the technical sheet of each product, all customizable for coloring and labeling.


In this way, the first contact is for us guidance for consulting with the preliminary technical evaluation to advise the most suitable type of plastic, the technical study of the product to find the best solution and the “packaging design” service.

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Production and control

The production phase is flanked by a product control phase: we perform internal tests on stability, strength, functionality and versatility.

We care about the quality of the whole production process: for this reason we carry out checks on the quality of incoming supplies and precision in delivery times, isolate the non-compliant product, we provide our specialized staff to maintain the calibration status of the instruments and of the machinery, we adopt statistical techniques related to the quality of the processes and the products, to the performances of the suppliers, to the costs and the yields of processing, we periodically verify the state of conservation of the goods.

And we do it to always be perfectly responsive.

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Once the production and control phase is over, we take care to deliver the order “to the home”.

We often work with large companies, but also with small and medium-sized companies.

This is why we also guarantee a “installment” delivery for the customer who has space and storage problems.

Work with us

Our sales department and the production sector work closely together thanks to a highly specialized work organization system, according to precise standards. Not only modernity, but also family tradition that allows us to combine attention, commitment and sacrifice: values that are characteristic and essential for our company.
Daily planning of deliveries and compliance with customer needs are priorities.